Welcome to the thinking blog!

Teresa Linkedln

I am fascinated by our brain and its ability to think and explore the world around us. Thinking is the building block of our lives. Without it, the world as we know it would be inconceivable.

We can learn from anyone or anything that happens to us. For example, as a child, I used to observe ants working hard to find food and organize their lives. They made me think a lot. I thought that I could be as brave and determined as they were if I wanted to succeed in life. Tiny creatures like them can teach us wisdom.

I want to share my ideas with my readers as sharing and exploring ideas with others help us to grow mentally and intellectually. The topics in my blog include education, science fiction, philosophical reflections, and philosopher dogs. I think that dogs keep alive our sense of humour and teach us how to love deeply.

I am a multi-genre writer and teacher. I write social science fiction; autobiographical reflection on primary education in Italy and UK; humorous books on dog philosophers. The writing in my novels aims at firing up people’s imagination and developing independent thinking.

I hope you enjoy this blog and have the opportunity to share your ideas with me so we can think together.

Teresa Viarengo